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Posts tagged with: speed

Speed & Power

Get Faster & Improve Performance By Training Your “Weaker” Leg?

Having large leg asymmetry’s in strength and power can increase the risk of injury and potentially negatively affect athletic performance [1]. While often considered independent, injury and performance go hand in hand and the relationship between these two capacities are often overlooked

Speed & Power

Pool Plyometric Training To Jump Higher & Sprint Faster?

Plyometric training is often used in sports that require high levels of force output quickly. They are defined as having an intense eccentric contraction followed by a rapid concentric contraction [1]. E.g. bounding. Plyometrics are a highly intensive training modality

Speed & Power

Maximise Power & Sprint Performance With Heavy Sled Training

Sled training is a common tool used when looking to enhance sprint performance in many sports. Previous research has shown significant improvements in short sprint speed in trained and semi pro athletes as well as recreational athletes [4-7]. As well as

Strength & Conditioning

What Makes Usain Bolt The Fastest Man On Earth?

Every 4 years we get to see one of the greatest and shortest sporting events on TV. The world stops to see 8 of the fastest sprinters come together as they race to determine who the fastest man on Earth

Speed & Power

The Overshoot Phenomenon: Part 1

There are only a few papers to date showing the “overshoot phenomenon” [1, 2] and only one paper done using professional athletes within a season [3]. Explained very simply, an “overshoot” occurs when a taper or detraining from resistance training

Speed & Power

The Agility Ladder Myth: How Should You Train For Speed & Agility? (Part 3)

So how should you train for agility? Starting from a gym based point of view, faster performances in side stepping = a greater lateral movement speed during a side step [2]. Greater lateral movement speed involves being able to rapidly

Speed & Power

The Agility Ladder Myth: How Should You Train For Speed & Agility? (Part 1)

For the purpose of this article, we will just look at speed/agility in invasion sports (e.g. rugby, football, basketball). However, some of these principles are transferable to other sports such as racquet sports. Invasion sports can be defined as opposing

Strength & Conditioning

The Strength-Speed Continuum Part 2: Horizontal Capabilities

Horizontal capabilities are one of the most important variables for short sprint speed performance (I will cover this topic more in depth in a future article series). Particularly in team sports, short sprint speed will potentially dictate who gets to the

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