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Our coaching philosophy

Passionate about performance

At DIME Performance, your personal best is quite literally our business.
We are passionate pursuers of peak physical performance (say THAT 5 times fast).
Whatever your sport, whatever your level of experience, we will work with your ultimate performance goal in mind.
Why choose would you choose to step up to the DIME Performance standard of training?
We’re so glad you asked.

Straight up? We are the best in the biz.

Coaches that are more than qualified

All our coaches hold at least a Bachelor level university degree, with most achieving further qualifications their specialist fields.

They have all competed at a national or international level in their chosen sports, as players and as coaches.

You’d be hard pressed to find more top-notch people to train with.

Your best interests at heart

Misinformation, fluff and empty endorsements are rife in the sports and fitness industries.

If you’ve had a gut full of the bull surrounding sports training, the DIME Performance approach will be a breath of fresh air.

We are your untapped resource of balanced advice, well researched recommendations, positive encouragement and straight up common sense.

Our training methods are science-based, industry-proven and kept current by our close partnerships with leading sports science researchers and trainers.

The way we train

Seriously fun. We believe that’s the ultimate training atmosphere for achieving great results.

Our clients look forward to their sessions because they get serious results while having a truckload of fun. And it should be fun! After all, we’re doing what we love and you are too. That’s a winning recipe for good times.

A lot of the serious stuff is in the backend. Our focus on delivering you the highest level coaching skills and ability from a professional level to any individual means that we do a lot of the heavy lifting in our behind the scenes programming.

Serious is also in our promise to always take your fitness and strength goals seriously, whether they are professional, entirely personal or somewhere in-between.

Our Training Philosophy

Hard Work With Purpose

Working hard with no direction is meaningless. The key to ultimate success is purposeful hard work in the direction of your goals. The great thing about working hard is that anyone can do it, if they’re willing.

Commitment and Consistency

Make performing at your best a habit! This starts with completing every training session according to your plan. Consistency and commitment are the key to forming habits. Success is forged by consistently applying these habits.

Passion and Determination

Your strength is in your passion. Determined people follow their passion. Passionate, determined people don’t need motivation. They do it because they love it.


Aim to be the best version for each and every endeavour you undertake. Never settle for mediocrity and always strive for excellence.

Continuous Improvement

To achieve your goals and master skills, we must continuously execute better than we did last time. Every day is another opportunity to improve.

Form Follows Function

Train well and consistently and the performance stimulus will force your body to adapt. Put simply, train for performance and your body will look like what it’s intended purpose is. When you are in shape, you will look in shape! Don’t get caught up in the “all show, no go” crowd.

Who We've Trained