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Injury Prevention, Strength & Conditioning

The Myth of Core Stability

Core training is a staple in most athletes and general fitness goers training programs. “Core” stability training arrived around the end of the 1990s and was largely derived from studies that demonstrated change in timing of activation of the trunk

Injury Prevention

Bulletproof Your Hamstrings! Never Pull A Hamstring Again

Hamstring muscle strains are common injuries in sports that require maximum effort sprinting, acceleration and change of direction such as soccer, rugby, AFL and American Football [1, 2]. An average of 18 days is lost from competition and training after

Injury Prevention

Suffer From Knee Pain? Immediately Reduce Pain With This Exercise

If you’ve been lifting weights or exercising for some length of time, you have most likely experienced knee tendon pain of some sort. This is very problematic for the competitive athlete where matches are every week or high training loads are

Injury Prevention

Fix Common Knee Pain With This Exercise

STACK Video & Article Come check out Strength HQ! Video feat. Puawai Munro-Halkyard My brand spanking new STACK magazine article/video. If you suffer from patellar tendon pain (tendinopathy) then this exercise is for you. I’ve had great success using this

Injury Prevention

4 Ways To Stay Healthy When You Have A Desk Job

Stay Hydrated If you are feeling fatigued or experience headaches, chances are you are dehydrated. Just because you are sitting at a desk in the air-conditioning does not mean you don’t need water. The more hydrated we are the better

Injury Prevention

Athlete Q&A: Lana Grew

Welcome to our 2nd Q&A. This week we have the pleasure chatting with DIME Performance Academy Athlete and Ironman 70.3 World Championship Qualifier Lana Grew. Do you train in a group or by yourself?  A bit of both. Generally I

Injury Prevention

Breathe Your Way To Less Injuries And Better Performance.

Breathing … is the essential process that allows life as we know it. It allows us to push our bodies through the rigors of training and racing. It is well known that the diaphragm is the primary muscle for respiration. 

Injury Prevention

Gym Newbie

I classify myself as an Enthusiastic Gym Newbie. I first entered a gym at the start of 2013. I was more of an outdoors girl and team sports participant for fitness, however when I started a job with benefits including

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