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There is no strength and conditioning coaching service quite like the Athlete’s Academy in terms of the level of personalised attention to detail you will benefit from and the gains you will make.

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Where else can you train under coaches that are ALL university qualified and have years of national and international experience as coaches and athletes?

At StrengthHQ in Auckland, we specialise in training and developing athletes of every ability, from beginners to professional athletes, individually or as a team.

Train smarter

Within our Athlete’s Academy framework, our strength and conditioning programs are designed to complement  our athlete’s sports training. We program to peak them for certain events, rather than leaving them tired and sore after a session.

Sounds logical, right?

But not everyone operates this way. We see way too many cases of overtraining leading to fatigue for key events, or risking injuries that can sideline competitors. It really doesn’t need to be that way.

Our coaches will always support and encourage you to train strategically and train smarter.

Academy Training for Individual Athletes

As athlete’s progress through their training they become stronger, faster, better and conditioned, so it follows that their training programs will obviously also need to change. That’s why each 4 week cycle is built on top of the other by our coaches to allow for continuous progression week on week and month on month.

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Academy Training for Teams

Like all DIME Performance training plans, team training plans are also based on a 4 week cycle system designed to set your team up to achieve future team goals and leave your competitors eating your dust. As your team progresses and makes new gains in strength, speed or other athletic qualities, the team training plans will also need change to allow for continuous improvement week on week and month on month. Each 4 week cycle will be built on top of the other by our specialist coaches.

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