Swim Session –  Sprint! Sprint! Sprint!

Get your heart racing, your feet kicking and your arms working hard with this swimming sprint workout. A great session for those you are keen to develop their overall speed, enhance their lung capacity or just want a satisfying hard workout.

Warm Up

200 easy


4 x 50 free kick with board

4 x 50 free (first 10 strokes explosive, remainder easy)

200m free breathing on strokes ‘3,5,7 repeat’

Main Set

(aim for negative splits, or consistent times)

*Hard effort: > 80% effort

3 x 200m hard effort (30sec rest in between)

5 x 100m hard effort (15sec rest in between)

10 x 50m hard effort (10sec rest in between)

Cool Down

200m easy choice

Total: 2.6km

For a longer set repeat Main Set or start with 2x 300m hard efforts