K Star runs through a few stretches to help clear anterior hip impingement. If you sit a lot and feel the front of your hips catching while squatting, this is a good place to start.


The Fallacy of the Fat Burning Zone

Most exercise machines have the option of doing a “fat burning” workout or list the ideal heart rate zone to burn fat. But is this exercise intensity really the best way to shed that stubborn body fat?


Science Of Running Ep. 37

Steve Magness & Jon Marcus have Vern Gambetta on the podcast as they talk about what makes a good coach. Is it programming ability? How they communicate with their athletes? The knowledge they have? After this, a great talk is had about keeping the fun in training. Maybe everything doesn’t have to be scripted down to the last metre run at x% of intensity. Perhaps letting the athletes be creative and play is a better way to go about some training which is often lost in running protocols such as Fartlek. Fartlek should be like play for runners, sprinting and jogging whenever they feel like it.