Dr. Mike Isratel talks through the good, bad and the ugly of sugar. Is sugar really the demon you’ve been lead to believe?

Wendler & Dave Tate talk shop give some of the best life advice.


Time To Train

“Do what you can do, because what is the alternative? Not training? And that will never happen – prop me up in the squat rack and let me go, it’s the answer to all that ails me, so I cannot and will not stop.” Jim Steel writes a great piece that will make you question how hard you are really training.

Dogs and Stress

Reducing stress through owning a dog?

Team Sports: A Battle between Endurance and Speed

One of the best articles explaining why HIIT all the time isn’t the way to train for most team sports.


GAINcast Podcast: Winning The Workout

Probably my favourite coaching/training podcast ever. Vern Gambetta is one of the smartest coaches on Earth so take everything you can from him. “Biggest killer of training sessions are the 3 Ls: lines, laps, and lectures.” “You have to ask from what are we recovering and for what are we recovering?