In this installment, we take a look at a simple aerobic power/capacity training session based off maximal aerobic speed (MAS) that can be done at any gym with a rowing erg. Perfect for running based team sports where you may need some extra conditioning. Performing some conditioning on equipment like the rower keeps you off your feet reducing impact as well as lower body fatigue associated with high volumes of running. Therefore, feeling fresher for important training sessions or games!

How to work out your MAS

You’ll perform a 6min rowing test where you row as far as you can in 6 minutes. For example, let’s say you reach exactly 1600m (pretty good score). You now take your distance rowed and divide by 360seconds (6mins).

1600/360 = 4.44 metres per second (m.s)

4.4m.s is your MAS so corresponds with 100% of MAS.

The Workout

3x5mins 30/30sec @100% MAS (using 4.4m.s, 30sec distance would be 132m)

Meaning; 30sec @100% MAS/30sec rest. Repeat for 5mins. Have 2-3mins rest between sets. Complete 3 times.

To work out your 30sec work distance, multiply your 100% MAS (4.4) by 30 = 132m. This is the distance you have to row in 30sec.

To simplify how this looks, here is a set breakdown.

132m in 30sec. Rest 30sec

132m in 30sec. Rest 30sec

132m in 30sec. Rest 30sec

132m in 30sec. Rest 30sec

132m in 30sec. Rest 30sec

Rest 2-3mins & repeat 2 more times.

Give this a try and feel your conditioning improve week to week!