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Christian Dior, eat your heart out.

Yes. Even our online coaching programs can be custom made. Tailored just for you. Designed by the industry’s best.

Imagine the impact a comprehensive training plan, designed exclusively for you, by a high performance expert will have on your condition and future success.

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First, we make it all about you.

You’ll start with an initial FREE consultation. This is the part where you help us understand you and your goals so we can make sure we design a program that gives you the biggest bang for your buck. You’ll respond to a handful of easy questions about your fitness background, strength training experience, current and/or previous injuries and goals.

Your coach will then arrange a video call to discuss your questionnaire responses in greater detail to gain a deeper understanding of your strength and conditioning requirements.

Then what happens?

Then comes the fun part! Your training plan design.

Based on what they’ve learnt about you, your university-qualified coach will design your individualised strength and conditioning training plan.

Your training plan will include: warmup and movement preparation, primary and accessory exercises, rehabilitation and prehabilitation exercises and mobility exercises.

Custom Programs are designed in 4 week training cycles, with proven optimal weekly and monthly progression. The cycle system allows our coaches to use an innovative periodisation plan that accounts for your changing individual requirements as you progress through your training.

Get all the support you need

It’s important to us that you get all the support you need throughout your program when you train with us online.

You will gain access to technique instructional videos and unlimited email support (for ‘Gold’ programs only) with guaranteed response times of less than 24 hours.

Think of these support options as your personal strength and conditioning concierge service. Make use of them to ensure all your technique concerns and questions are addressed to minimise injury risks and maximise your chances of the most awesome athletic performance of your life.

Pick your level of Support

Silver or Gold? Here’s a quick summary of what each includes.


Our silver program is for athletes who are after a custom made program to support their current training needs includes:

  • An athlete questionnaire to help us understand your training history and goals
  • A Skype consultation with your coach to flesh out your program
  • Delivery of your 4 week training cycle with warmups, any prehab/rehab exercises and main training exercises
  • Instructional videos explaining and demonstrating how to perform the exercises included in your program
  • A glossary of terms for the program
  • A program companion document



For those that feel they would benefit from extra professional support from their coach. This package also includes unlimited email consultations with your coach for any questions you may have as you progress on your training journey.

Put simply: Gold = Expert information on tap with UNLIMITED COACH EMAILS + all the good stuff included in our silver package.

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