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Triathlon Strength

Triathlon Strength Training

Who's it for?

Aspiring and Weekend Warrior triathletes, training towards their first event or wanting to improve their performance for future events. Program includes exercises to prevent common triathlete injuries and improve race performance.

Experience Level?

From seasoned gym junkie to a beginner with all the gear but no idea. All you need is the drive to become a (better) triathlete.

What’s Involved?

2 strength training days per week to complement your race training. This means your strength work will not interfere with your swimming, biking or running training.

How Long Is Each Level?

Our triathlon program is expertly tailored with each level consisting of 2×4 week cycles, allowing triathletes-in-training to consistently make progress and improve race performance while reducing injury risk.

Program Benefits?

  • Warmup with prehab exercises for common injury sites
  • Instructional videos for all strength training exercises
  • Strength/cardio exercises for each day with sets/reps
  • A glossary of terms for the program
  • A program companion document

Package Options

Triathlon Level 1

Level 1


$60.00 inc GST

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