Welcome to FREE Workout Friday. Each Friday you will receive a free workout to start your weekend off with a bang! Each workout will have a different focus to give you a taste of the various training programs DIME Performance has to offer.

Beginner: Mild Lower Back Pain

This strength training program focuses on alleviating lower back pain.

A1) Foam Roll: Groin, Glutes, Quads/Hip Flexors

B1) Band Crab Walk 3×10/side
B2) Birddog 3×5/side

C1) Band X Walk 4×10/side
C2) Glute Bridge 4×10
C3) Couch Stretch 4×45-60sec/side

D1) Plank 3×30-60sec
D2) Kneeling Groin Stretch 3×45-60sec

All of these exercises can be found on YouTube. If you experience any pain during any of these exercises, stop and carry on with what doesn’t hurt. Do not work through pain.