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This is the place your peak performance is bred.

DIME Performance is THE place to train if you are serious about taking your strength and conditioning to the next level. Whatever ‘next level’ means for you.

This is the place for elite to aspiring athletes who want to excel at their sport and reach a specific performance goal or carve out a clear career path towards professional sport.

This is the place for weekend warrior and those with personal fitness goals: folks who want expertly tailored coaching to achieve their best while avoiding the risk of injury through zealous over-training.

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Strength & Conditioning

Do Compression Tights Work For Recovery?

Compression tights have been around a while now in sporting populations and have made their way into the mainstream fitness population. Potentially, compression tights can minimise the symptoms of exercise induced muscle damage that typically occurs from unaccustomed or eccentric exercise, such

Strength & Conditioning

Prepare Your Athletes For Sport, Not War.

It’s THIS kind of retarded shit that sets the coaching profession back 20 years. The fact that “coaches” like this still get jobs, and high paying jobs at that amazes me. The whole reason for this apparent flogging is due to

Strength & Conditioning

Wrist Worn Fitness Trackers: Best & Worst.

Wrist worn fitness trackers are some of the more popular trending pieces of fitness equipment in today’s world. Enter any commercial gym and you’re sure to find a handful of avid exercises monitoring their heart rate, energy expenditure and number

Strength & Conditioning

Cannabis & Exercise/Sporting Performance

DISCLAIMER: since Cannabis is a banned substance and illegal in most countries/states, it should not be used recreationally or for sporting performance. This is just an interesting look into Cannabis and sporting/exercise performance. Recently, a systematic review by Kennedy, [1]

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