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Posts tagged with: rugby

Speed & Power

Get Faster & Improve Performance By Training Your “Weaker” Leg?

Having large leg asymmetry’s in strength and power can increase the risk of injury and potentially negatively affect athletic performance [1]. While often considered independent, injury and performance go hand in hand and the relationship between these two capacities are often overlooked

Strength & Conditioning

How Important Is Strength To Rugby League?

Rugby league is a collision sport that requires high levels of strength, conditioning and speed. However, a school of thought often promoted is that high levels of strength (or continued training to maintain high strength levels) negatively impact upon aerobic

Speed & Power

Rugby Athletes! Sprint With Ball In One Hand Or Two?

Recently, a friend and colleague of mine Scott Brown presented a brand new paper investigating the effects of ball carrying on sprint mechanics in rugby union [1]. The practical implications for all rugby players are very interesting and will give you

Strength & Conditioning

Rugby Union vs League. Who’s Faster and Why?

You may have always wondered which rugby code has the best athletes. Fanatics of each side will always choose their favoured code of the two but now we can take a scientific view. While this won’t give the whole picture

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