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The Best Protein Pancakes EVER

Currently I’m dropping some bodyweight for an upcoming competition. Dieting down doesn’t have to be all bland chicken and broccoli if you know how to manipulate your breakdown of calories in regards to protein, carbs and fats. I experimented with


Food Shopping On A Budget: Auckland

The general consensus around NZ is that healthy food shopping is expensive and that is is cheaper to buy “bad” food than it is to buy “good” food. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Learning how to shop for


The BEST Burger Patty Recipe EVER! + How To Sneak Veges Into Your Burger

Homemade burgers are an essential for your cooking repertoire. They are versatile and can be frozen for future meals. On top of that, you can be super sneaky and use your burger patty to sneak more vegetables into your diet.


MyFitnessPal: Calorie Tracker – The Good and The Bad

MyFitnessPal is a food diary, calorie/ nutrition tracker all within an easy to use app. You can access it on your phone or online. Many people use it to track their overall calorie intake, their steps or exercise (calorie output), their


How I Lost 14kg For Competition

Last October 2015 I competed at NZ Weightlifting Nationals as a 94kg lifter. I weighed in on the day at 90.9kgs. 9 months later I competed in an Auckland Club competition weighing in at 76.8kg to compete in the under


Easy Go To Snacks

Are you looking for some easy, delicious snack ideas? Well look no further, I’m here to SNACK ATTACK you all! All options are self explanatory, no recipe needed simple as! But if you want any clarification, just comment below. Easy? Check!


Guest Post: Busting The High Protein Myth by Jake Schuster

Jake Schuster is a PhD student currently working with the NZ Women’s 7s. Enjoy his guest post about the high protein myth and check him out at Today we address the crippling myth that high protein consumption is only for for


Simple Nutrition Tips & Tricks: Getting More Vegetables In Your Diet

Sometimes it can be a chore having to cook veges to add to every meal. You know you should eat like an adult, but it seems like a lot of extra effort to add not much extra excitement to your

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