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Kaz Adams


Exactly how qualified is Kaz?

A high performance training coach and healthy lifestyle coach, Kaz is well qualified on paper as well as in practice.

Throughout his time studying a Bachelor of Sports Science at AUT University, Kaz worked as a strength and conditioning coach with groups like the Counties Maukau Under 20’s and the ITM Cup Squad for North Harbour rugby.

Kaz took up an opportunity to move to Queensland, Australia in 2014 to play rugby league. Unfortunately he sustained a knee injury that resulted in on going issues for 2 years.

Being a cup-half-full kind of person, Kaz took these years as an opportunity to focus on building his own personal training business on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, where he lives today.

What’s his specialty?

Kaz is our ‘Swiss Army Knife’ trainer.

His current client roster is extremely diverse, including individuals targeting weight loss, muscle definition, specific athletic performance goals like Iron Woman or Body Building as well as a range of injury rehabilitations.

Kaz feels lucky to have the opportunity to train with people of all abilities, from high performance athletes to elderly and adolescents.

What sets Kaz apart as a coach?

Kaz outgoing personality and self-confidence separates himself from the crowd. He is naturally extroverted and not afraid to speak out, ask hard questions or be himself in front of people.

He cares deeply about his client’s progress and makes it his goal to help them to reach theirs.

Kaz enjoys bringing out the best in people and showing them they are capable of more than they know.

Kaz’s personal sporting story.

Kaz was drawn to coaching as a way to share information about effective training.

In his teenage years Kaz stuck to a training pattern that saw him do the same thing every time he trained and he could plateau for months. He would have found it so valuable to have someone come along and share with him the importance of changing up training patterns regularly to achieve specific goals and results.

His goal today is to make sure that every time he trains a client they understand why they do what they do in a session, and how to tweak this themselves to keep improving continually.

Extroverted. Smiley. Approachable.

How Kaz’s friends would describe his personality.

Kaz will give it to you straight up. No beating around the bush. Cutting straight to the chase.

His no-nonsense approach challenges his clients to look at what excuses they may be making or old habits they may be holding on to that are standing in the way of their dreams.

But Kaz is also patient and understanding, and will only push clients when he senses they are ready. Any criticism offered is constructive. He has a knack for making his clients want to do better than they had ever imagined they could.

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